Careers and stakeholders

The graduate in Philosophical Sciences may:
- fill in strategic, organizational and communication roles in the public administration, and in public or private, national or international companies;
- work in the field of traditional and multimedia publishing;
- carry out professional activities in the communication sector;
- carry out professional activities in the field of philosophical counselling;
- coordinate working groups as a cultural mediator.

Graduates in Philosophical Sciences will be able to:
- conduct independent research in the context of doctoral or research programs in philosophy and related sciences in Italy and abroad;
- teach philosophy, history, pedagogy and demo-anthropological disciplines in high schools and other secondary schools;
- fill in management and coordination roles in the public administration;
- work in HR recruiting and development, communication, intercompany relations, and cultural programmes in public and private organisations;
- work as editorial director, or manuscript editor;
- work as cultural event manager, or copywriter;
- work in corporate and work-life balance counselling;
- work in promoting cooperation in the workplace or otherwise in multi-cultural societies.

Employment statistics (Almalaurea)

The programme interacts with local, national and international stakeholders, such as professional organizations, manufacturing companies and service providers.